Miscellaneous Fascinating Ways To Start a Business On The Web

Fascinating Ways To Start a Business On The Web

When talking about online businesses, one of the first ideas that pop into people's minds is e-stores, e-shops, and e-commerce in general. It scares off some young entrepreneurs because some think it’s difficult, some think it’s expensive, and some tend to think using Shopify for e-commerce is the only way.

But not at all. Did you know that Shopify only powers 9% of ecommerce stores and there are lots of cheaper and easier to use alternatives? Of Course, there is, and you can easily find the one that suits you best.

If you are not into e-commerce businesses that’s alright too - there are many options that can be done online but has nothing to do with e-commerce. Here you’ll find a list with both options.

Email marketing

Email marketing works wonders because of so many reasons: it helps you find new clients, it motivates your loyal clients to repurchase, to communicate about the newest offers and products or services. Businesses choose what is most important to them at the moment. And to satisfy their needs and reach their goals, you can use one of the best mailchimp alternatives to track and analyze the performance.

Technical support

One of the best ideas for part-time or full-time remote work is technical support. It’s a service people will always be in need of, just make sure you advertise yourself well and be visible on the web. Therefore a good plan would be to create a website and add some online forms where clients could explain their malfunctions to you.

Create Online Courses

If you are a pro in coding, marketing, languages, economy, web design or any other field that people might be interested in learning, then go ahead and create your own online courses about it. To get noticed faster and sell more online courses join special websites and projects that offer courses from many different lecturers.

Content Creation

It’s up to you what kind of content creation you should choose - you can write blogs, articles, posts on Facebook and Instagram, create descriptions for businesses that want to tell their stories, and so much more. Discover Depositphotos to make your content even more high-quality and illustrated.

Create an E-store

If selling is what triggers your business drive and motivates you, then an e-store is absolutely the best decision for you. You might sell computers, drones, skateboards - anything you believe in. Just give it enough promotion and analysis and you should be on your way to success. Shopify only powers 9% of ecommerce stores, so you can be sure that there is plenty of other platforms for you to choose from.

Making Money on YouTube’s Translation Marketplace

The translation option was launched in 2015 and ever since a wider range of YouTube’s content is available for people who don't speak foreign languages. There’s an option where YouTubers can either translate the content themselves or hire a professional from the marketplace. But also, you can download youtube subtitles if needed.

Logo Design

What is it that every company needs? That’s right - a logo. And the best part is that you can offer them what they need. To find these clients faster and share your logo ideas with them, participate in logo contest where you’ll get an even chance with other designers to show off your skills.


The internet is a great place to sell your photographs. One of the options is to sell prints and deliver them straight to your client - it’s an incredible idea for a gift or home, maybe even office decor. Another option could be selling the photos for commercial purposes: most effective ways to do it are joining photo banks, and websites like Photostock that offer vectors, designs, icons, and photos for a specific price.

Social Media Consulting

A lot of content gets filtered out on social media, especially on Facebook - there is such a big amount of content floating around that it is simply impossible for Facebook to show and for you to see all of it. The paid advertisement might not always work if used without a strategy and a specialist. That’s the part where a big business opportunity comes in - and you can become the specialist for many different businesses.

Sell On eBay

Selling on eBay is probably one of the easiest and fastest ways to earn money online. Here you won’t need to do most of the things you would need to do if you had your own e-store: finding a platform, developing it, designing it and promoting to attract buyers. All you need to do is set up an account and start uploading your merchandise. If you decide to work with large suppliers in the future, use ContactOut to easily contact them.

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