GetResponse Review - Is This Landing Page Builder Worth Your Money?

Every business needs marketing to boost their sales. Today, marketers are going the extra mile to use more personalized marketing strategies like SEO marketing and email marketing. Email marketing is one of the most successful ways to reach a customer by increasing the conversion rate. Most digital marketers are coming up with different ways to ensure the online reputation of their companies stays in check.

There are many tools useful for increasing the feasibility of a company online. GetResponse is one of the most sought email marketing software. The software is used to send email newsletters, conduct online surveys, carry online campaigns, and follow up all the autoresponders. This software makes email marketing more straightforward and more productive than before.

In this review, we look at some of the critical features of GetResponse that make it stand out in the market of Landing Page Builder. We examine the specifications, features, pros, cons, and answer some of the frequent questions about the software.

Product Description

Since its invention in 1998, GetResponse has simplified email marketing. Today, the company is serving more than 350,000 customers in 182 countries worldwide. The software provides a complete online marketing platform that can help any business to grow by attracting more sales leads. It allows you to come up with a detailed mailing list and use it to reach customers in a more personalized way. It enables email automation and the creation of newsletters that you can send to your potential customers conveniently.

GetResponse does more than automating email marketing. It gives you the platform to view and analyze the different stats from leads. It has data management features that allow you to launch your email marketing campaigns in minutes. The email-marketing app has grown steadily since its invention. It now offers CRM functionalities, automated sales, landing pages, and webinar hosting.

There are three different pricing plans for GetResponse – Basic, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise. The Basic plan has a starting price of $15.00. It allows you to send unlimited emails for a maximum of 1,000 subscribers per month. The choice of package will depend on the number of subscribers you intend to reach. If you want to reach over 100,000 subscribers, then you can go for the Enterprise package. The company gives you up to 30% discount if you subscribe to their services for up to 24 months.

Each plan provided by GetResponse provides social sharing tools, RSS, blog functionality, Autoresponder functionality, and unrestricted access to over 200 templates. The tool offers more than the basic email marketing essentials.

Currently, the software is offering the Autoresponder feature. This unique feature enables you to send custom emails directly to your mailing list. You can send emails to anybody that subscribes to your mailing list every week. This way, you can market your products and services more conveniently. GetResponse also provides a marketing automation feature. With this feature, you can program GetResponse on what to do when a user opens a given offer on the email sent to them. You can also create a workflow with the unique drag-and-drop feature provided by the app.


  • Starting price: $15.00 per month
  • Customer care: 24/7 email support available in seven languages
  • Templates: 200+
  • Trial: free 30-day trial
  • A/B Testing: Available

Key features

Affordability- GetResponse has different pricing plans that any business can choose based even on a fixed budget. The cheapest plan is $15.00 only.

Reliability – the software provides a simple to use design. It helps you come up with highly responsive landing pages.

Usability – you don’t need special coding or programming skills to use the software. The tool is designed in a simple language that any novice use can understand.

Deliverability – the app gives up to 99% deliverability rate. However, this may be limited to the content of the message you are sending to your mail list.

Excellent services – unlike other applications, the software is updated regularly to include essential features for email marketing and landing page customization.


  • Includes a variety of features that you need for email marketing
  • Integrates with other third party software
  • Affordable to small and upcoming businesses
  • No special coding skills required to use the app
  • Provides over 200 templates you can choose for your landing pages
  • The ‘Autofunnel’ feature allows you to manage ecommerce and sales at a go
  • It offers a robust split testing feature


  • Lacks support for web fonts
  • It provides marketing automation, and DKIM authentication features on the most expensive plan
  • Limited RSS-HTML templates provided
  • The e-newsletters do not display better on mobile apps
  • Customer care does not offer phone support

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1. Is GetResponse affordable to a small company?

Yes. GetResponse provides four different price plans that any company can choose. The Basic plan is the cheapest plan recommended for a start-up company.

2. Is GetResponse useful for my business?

GetResponse is one of the best email marketing platforms any business can have. The tool can help your business to build the best relationship with your clients through email marketing. You can also analyze lead stats to come up with new marketing strategies and campaigns.

3. What is ‘Autofunnel’?

Autofunnel is a feature provided by GetResponse, which enables you to add subscribers to an Autoresponder cycle and take payments for products without leaving the GetResponse environment.

4. Does it come with a free trial?

GetResponse provides you a 30-day free trial before you can subscribe to their services. When under a free trial, you can access the essential services offered by the tool.

Buyer guide

GetResponse is one of the best email marketing apps any business can have in the 21st century. The tool provides unique email marketing tools and custom landing pages that every business can look out for. It has a comprehensive user guide that will address all your questions when you access their services. With their round the clock customer support, you don’t have to worry about being stuck on the way. This app assures you the best UX you can get in any email-marketing tool.


You need an app that will help you reach many subscribers in your mail list if you want to increase sales through email marketing. GetResponse comes with a unique editor and design that is worth trying. It includes all the essential features of a marketing tool that any business can look for in a marketing tool. With a free 30-day trial, you can always have peace of mind when using the app for the first time.

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