Hero Image: Everything You Need to Know to Create an Effective Main Image for a Website

hero image


The first impression plays a defining and decisive role in many areas of activity. Meeting with an employer, getting to know colleagues, packing goods - this is only a small part of where the first impression can play a significant role. In addition, in the field of creating websites, it is also important to consider this factor. Since you can work endlessly on a simple and friendly interface, the most convenient navigation, the ideal presentation of goods and services, but if, having entered the site, the user sees visually something that he does not like, then all your work can go down the drain.

Moreover, you can work on all these factors for months, and the user can understand in one minute what he does not like here and close the web page. In this regard, before proceeding with the main functions and functionality of the site, it is important to make the main page attractive and intriguing.

Companies should communicate as clearly as possible to the web designer the essence of what the image should be and what mission it should fulfill. Further communication with clients and buyers will depend on how effective the hero image will be.

In this article, we will talk in detail about what techniques can help in creating the most effective image or a banner on the main page of any site.



First of all, you can bet on placing an image that in a matter of seconds will convey to the user the essence of the company and what it does. A suitable image can improve the first impression, while a simple beautiful image or an attractive illustration can be misleading and thus confuse users.

If you are not going to create an illustration from scratch, but want to find something from the Internet, then you need to find something that will best suit the spirit and goals of the company. However, be careful if you search for suitable materials on free photo stocks. This is because such images are used by a huge number of authors who need to diversify their content with visual elements to improve perception. In this regard, many users see images from free stocks quite often.

You can either choose to create the most effective illustration from scratch or arrange a new photoshoot to get unique shots.

Attention to detail

You don't have to try to fit everything you want. Instead, you can focus on what will grab the attention of users, that is, on the most important details. For example, Apple follows a minimalist style and places bright and visually beautiful images of its latest products on the main page. At the moment, on their website, you can see images of the latest line of iPhone, MacBook, and Apple Watch products. At the same time, the images are simple and without unnecessary details. This effect can be achieved if you choose to photograph products against a white background or remove background from image during post-processing.

Thus, it is not necessary to use an abstract image or illustration. Instead, you can focus on core products or services that help users meet their needs.

Emotional appeal


Don't underestimate the emotional appeal that a hero image can have. If you focus on the positive emotional background that can cause users to interact with a particular company, its products, and its services, then this can be a successful solution.

For example, by creating a banner for a site with video editing software, you can show the positive emotions that every user will experience, who will make the video excellent and flawless with the help of a video editor.

People make most decisions based on their emotions, so if you show that the company is focused on getting positive and happy emotions and this is a priority for the company and its employees, then you will be on the right track to win the hearts of users.

High quality

Each element must be made with high quality and this also applies to the main image. If you choose an illustration that is blurry, fuzzy, or retouched, then, first of all, you will look unprofessional in the eyes of each user. If a company can't take care of the perfect image, then what can they offer their customers?

If earlier websites were only a necessary element where users could find only the necessary information or contact details, now the whole world is online and the website of any company is the face of the brand.

Call to action
call to action


Sometimes companies make their main page not just to introduce the company, but to draw attention to a product or service right away. They achieve this by placing a call to action on the main page, where the hero image is used as a pretty background.

If you are faced with a similar task, then you need to make sure that the image fits appropriately into the advertising offer. The priority should be a button that will lead the user to purchase a product or service or perform a certain action. In this case, the image should not interfere.

To achieve this, it is important to make sure that the illustration is not too bright, which prevents users from seeing the button or reading the related information. The background should be contrasting and less bright than the action button.

View across devices

Now users can use the Internet on any device: computer, smartphone, or tablet. In this regard, it is necessary to understand that the site must be adapted to any device and the image must be clearly and correctly displayed everywhere.

To do this, you need to test how this or that image or illustration will be displayed on different devices. If you see that it looks normal on a laptop, but distorted on a smartphone and tablet, then you need to edit the file size.


An important element that users appreciate when entering the site is the main image on the web page. It can play both positively and negatively on the reputation of a brand or company. Such a detail, insignificant at first glance, can tell about the essence of the company, the goods or services sold, and also play on the implementation of an effective call to action.

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