Highly Common Flyer Design Mistakes That Will Hurt Results

Some business owners will tell you that flyers do not work anymore and that the future of promoting a business is online. While we definitely cannot deny the fact that online promotion is in many cases much more effective than anything you do in the real world, tried and tested marketing methods still need to be considered. If the flyers campaign did not work, it is normally because of one of two reasons:

Flyers were handed out in a place where interested people were not present.

Flyers were not designed properly.

While the first problem is one that is highly complex, we can talk about the second one. Eraser Farm highlights the most common of the flyer design mistakes that are going to guarantee bad results for your campaigns.

Using Low Quality Images

Flyers cannot work if the images used are low quality. Those that are utilized should always be of the highest possible quality because you will only be able to get attention when you do that. Grabbing the attention of the viewer because images are low quality will guarantee a lack of results.

Overcrowding Flyers

A flyer does not need to have all the space on it filled. If you add too many images, way too many words and various design elements you will be faced with overcrowding. You do not really need that. The audience should never be confused about what message you want to send out. A focus on what is promoted is always going to be mandatory. Overcrowding makes people not care that much since they will not really have anything that could grab attention.

Text That Is Too Hard To Read

Similarly to online website design, many bad flyers are problematic because the text used is not easy to read. So many things can go wrong with the text you add. It can be too small, the font may be hard to read and there is always the problem of using bad colors. The main part of the flyer is the text you add so be sure that it is as simple and as easy to read as possible.

Spelling Errors

You can have the very best possible design for your flyer and end up with zero results when spelling errors appear. If the flyer is meant to promote a professional business and a spelling mistake appears, it is a certainty that results will be bad. Having a third party do proofreading work for the flyer is a really smart investment.

Adding Useless Information

In a flyer you do not need to add all the information you think about. Flyers have to include just the stuff that is very important. You want to always keep it brief. A flyer offers a taster and not all the information. When too much useless information is present, attention will not be grabbed.

Improper Use Of Colors

The last mistake we should highlight is using colors that are not going to actually help. It is always better to use simple colors since they will be much easier to read. If the colors chosen are bright or harsh, readers are going to be distracted.

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