How to Improve Foot Traffic with an Effective Local SEO Strategy

Effective Local SEO Strategy

In today’s digitally advanced age pushing digital traffic to the physical stores is very complicated. For small/medium size businesses online presence and local SEO’s are playing a very vital role in both making evident local presence, knowing competition and targeting traffic. Local SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is widely helping the local businesses to attract the geographical customers and offer them products/services. Optimizing local footfall via online presence is an easier way of driving targeted traffic to the physical stores. In this article, let's talk about how online presence helps in the physical targeting of customers.

How to know Local SEO better

Local SEO differs from general SEO in terms of the search results, local SEO will help you prioritize local search results. It will often be related with geo-targeting, radius targeting and with a query ‘near me’ or with the inclusion of City/Area names. This strategy primarily helps businesses like small-size retail shops/marts, restaurants & food chains and home-based service providers of products/services. For help, you can refer to a local SEO company in Albuquerque NM

Key Components of Local SEO

  1. Optimizing Google My Business Profile - GMB profile is one of the most important components when we talk about Local SEO’s. The business must be well listed on Google My Business along with an updated profile, description, bio and pictures. Details like contact number address and google maps should also be verified to ensure authenticated business. Along with the profile a review section must also be built to ensure business credibility and search rankings.
  2. Optimizing through Local Keywords - It is important to integrate keywords which are locally relevant and well researched along with being relevant to your business. Choose to use tools like Google Keyword Planner etc. to ensure the keywords are appropriate for your business research. Try to incorporate these keywords in maximum website content and news articles & blog posts so that it helps appear your business search naturally on priority.
  3. Listing on Local directories - Ensure all details of the business are well verified, business specific and listed on all specific industry specific diaries. Keeping in mind that there is a consistency in all the books and all details (Including address, phone number, registration number, if required, location) all are mentioned properly and in detail.
  4. Content Creation - As a business, you must try and incorporate regular blogs, posts, comments and suggestions to keep engaging on the digital platforms and keep your GMB active. Create content which is niche to your segment and contribute in opinion/polls on the topics relevant to your stream of business. You must also make an attempt to create local touch with bloggers/community influencers who may be influential in getting footfall for your business.
  5. Create Local Backlinks - With the growing business you can try sponsoring some local geography based events to hammer brand identity and create more awareness. This will also help you garner more local online visibility through blogs/news articles. You can also try back linking the content created by bloggers and influencers on a periodic basis so that it drives more traffic to your website and also helps in driving offline footfall.
  6. Optimizing your website on mobile - Ensure that website or the local appearance is also available on the mobile version. As the youth who is the most potential customer is on their handhelds and likes easy access to everything including information. So always keep in mind to keep your digital presence mobile-friendly.

Quick Steps to Measure Your Local SEO Efforts

  1. Monitor the analytical tools based on the keywords set, check periodically how the keywords are performing and change them as per need time-to-time. Alongside this, the algorithm of the local search engine traffic and organic traffic will be monitored.
  2. To measure the physical in-store traffic utilize the google map features of visits, check-ins, searches that have happened for your business source in the periodic intervals.
  3. Always measure reviews both negative & positive; they only help to get better and also ensure the future experience that you provide to the next customer. Keep a check and always respond to them to keep the customer engaged.


As mentioned above, monitoring and driving physical footfall through local SEO is a multifaceted process that includes effective usage of GMB, utilization of local keywords, content creation, website maintenance and a lot more these services can be taken from an expertised agency like Advertising Hub. While you keep all of these up to date and live with the correct set of information, it is also important to increase visibility and boost both traffic and sales. Investing in well well-planned SEO strategy and local resources may also help you benefit and make effective business strategies accordingly.

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