Miscellaneous How to Pay Less for Design Essentials?

How to Pay Less for Design Essentials?

AliceL Miscellaneous Aug 03, 2016

Admit it: creative block knocks the door more often than it should. Luckily, we know a way to fight it - and accelerate (or even automatize) your workflow. Numerous ready-made solutions are here to make life better :) Don't invent the wheel, steal like an artist!

When you are an independent creator, you have to consider every aspect of your work yourself. One of the biggest problems a freelance designer can face is estimating the budget of the project. You can barely create a design without essentials like fonts, icons, graphics, etc., but all of these elements might cost a pretty penny, thus increasing the price of your project. That's why reducing your expenses is crucial. Here are three ways of doing it right.

Choose wisely

The easiest way to keep your prices competitive is saving money on design elements. Firstly, you should evaluate your expenses and income you're about to get. Do you really need that $30 logo for your project? Is that expensive font you've found actually unique? Most commonly, the answer to such kind of questions will be no. The modern world gives us a wide range of alternatives, and that means you can always find some cheaper options for your project.

Find freebies and discount offers

Sometimes, all you have to do is wait a while. Every other design element gets discounted for a limited time. Moreover, authors frequently join several products into bundles and sell them at very attractive prices. Subscribe to web design resources' newsletter and keep up with the latest news about upcoming discounts and free offers. Here are some to start,,,

We would also like to share a little secret: you no longer need to spend major bucks on creative resources and tools. We know where to get design essentials with discounts up to 99%. Sounds attractive, doesn't it?

Discover the benefits of bundles

Websites that offer bundles of discounted goodies for web professionals are a perfect solution! Lots of designers, developers, artists and just creative people all around the world LOVE them. Why is that so? It's all about discounts. Who would refuse to purchase 1,000 icons at the price of 10? Or a collection of beautiful handmade fonts with a 90% discount? Courses, Ebooks, Photoshop actions, illustrations, logos, templates - whatever you might need for your projects, you can get it almost for free.

One of such websites is, a project delivered to you by a young ambitious team of creative people who love discounts just like you. The lowest prices, daily new deals, awesome giveaways and special offers for subscribers - MasterBundles stands out for a reason. Here you can find the best offers at lowest prices.

Fonts, illustrations, icons, themes, templates, Ebooks, courses, Photoshop brushes and actions, stock photography and awesome free bundles are waiting for you! Just take a look at some of these amazing offers and you'll definitely pick a perfect one for yourself :)

The latest bundles from


See this beautiful bundle of 10 hand drawn fonts that will add some exquisite charm to any project:

Charming Typography: 10 Hand Drawn Font Scripts - just $12


Need some cool icons for your design? What if you can get 300 icons for an unbelievable $5? See it yourself!

Icons Bundle: 300+ Web Icons for $5 ONLY

Stock Photography

Photos can get pretty expensive, but with you can forget about sky-high prices. For instance, you can get a lifetime account at and enjoy quality stock photos and vectors with a 87% discount! Isn't that just awesome?

Lifetime Account: Unlimited Downloads Photos + Vectors


Looking for some creative logos at low prices? You're right on the spot! See this bundle of 51 beautiful logos that will be helpful in any kind of project!

51 Creative & Affordable Logos


Would you believe that a collection of over 1000 premium hand drawn clipart illustrations could cost $24? Check it out and you'll fall in love!

Bestselling Hand Drawn Vector Clipart Bundle - $24!


On of the best ways to get a quality template with an amazing discount is to look for the product of the day at TemplateMonster.

And here is an easy way to build a landing page for any possible purpose! See this bundle of 5 HTML themes + drag and drop builder:

5 HTML Themes + Drag and Drop Builder

Web design is effortless when you have the right tools. Now that you know where to find the perfect design elements for your creative projects, it will become even more rewarding for you :)


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