How To Protect Your Business Online

protect your business

With so much business taking place online these days, it is vital that business owners know how to protect their business online. Cybercrime has skyrocketed during the pandemic and is considered by many to be the biggest threat to modern-day businesses. Cyber-attacks have the potential to cause damage in many ways, including stealing sensitive data, creating costly downtime as well as reputation damage that can be hard to recover from. This is why it is so important that business owners know how to protect their business online so that they can prevent cybercrime and operate with confidence each day. Here are a few of the best tips that will protect your business online.

Choose A Reliable Hosting Company

First, you want to choose a reliable hosting company for your website. It is becoming increasingly challenging to protect your company website from digital attacks as this is often what cybercriminals will target and they are using increasingly advanced tactics that can cause all kinds of damage. This is why you need to choose a reliable hosting company that is known for its cybersecurity, which will help to secure your website and give you confidence knowing that the website is safe from the latest attacks.

Use High-Quality Antivirus Software

Antivirus software is one of the main layers of defense against cybercriminals. You need to invest in a high-quality product and make sure that it is kept up to date and perform regular scans of your system. This software can detect and remove threats before they cause any damage, which will allow you and your team to go about your work each day with the confidence knowing that dangers will be removed automatically.

Use A Firewall & VPN

Two other important layers of defense are a firewall and a VPN. A firewall will protect your internal network from unsafe external threats based on a set of predetermined rules, which can stop cybercriminals from gaining access. A VPN, meanwhile, will create a virtual private network that will make it safe to transfer data when staff is working remotely and not connected to a secure connection (such as using public Wi-Fi).

Use Encrypted Communication Tools

Leading on from this, it is also important to use encrypted communication tools like GhostChat. In a time when many people are working remotely, digital communication is key for collaboration and keeping everyone up to date. The trouble with this is that digital communication can put your data and important information at risk, which could lead to significant damage. This is why you need to use secure encrypted communication tools that will encrypt all of your communication and send data over a secure and decentralized network. There are also useful features like self-destructing messages and real-time voice encryption that ensures that your important business communication is never intercepted by third parties.

Enforce Complex Passwords

More often than not, hackers are able to gain access simply by guessing or working out passwords. This is why it is so important to have rules in place about using complex passwords and making sure that these are changed on a regular basis by all staff members. Password protection can be a powerful layer of defense when used correctly, but it can also be a vulnerability when people are using easy-to-predict passwords and the same passwords for all accounts. You can then use a password manager to manage all of the passwords.

Use 2FA

Leading on from this, another layer of defense that is worth using is 2FA. If the hacker manages to guess the password or find success through a brute force attack, they will then be foiled by 2FA which will require another form of verification to gain access to the account. This could include answering a security question (make sure that this is nothing that could easily be worked out), sending a verification code to a linked device, or using biometrics.

Keep Software Up To Date

It is very easy to delay upgrades to software, especially if the popup appears while you are working. This is actually a huge risk, though, because these software updates often include important security patches that can provide protection against the very latest threats. This is why you and your team need to complete software updates when they become available to protect your business from vulnerabilities.

Create Backups

Anyone that has ever lost important data without a backup in the place knows just how frustrating this can be. You should be making regular backups of your important files and data that are stored securely on an external device. This way, you will have a copy available if the data becomes lost, damaged, stolen, or corrupted. Ransomware is one of the most common cybersecurity attacks these days and backups are one of the best ways to protect your business from this very serious threat.

Learn About The Main Scams

You should also make sure that you and your team know about the most common and latest cybersecurity scams. Even with cybersecurity products in place, you still need to be wary as human error is the main reason that cybersecurity attacks are successful. Staff cybersecurity training is worthwhile as this will educate you and your team on how to work safely each day, how to spot scams, and how to keep important data safe. Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly advanced and using new tactics to attack businesses, so knowledge is hugely important for protecting your business online and keeping sensitive data safe.

Hopefully, this post will be informative and help you to take positive steps to protect your business online. With so much business taking place online these days, it is no surprise that cybercrime has skyrocketed with businesses of all sizes and in all industries being targeted. Fortunately, there are always ways to protect your business online that will allow you and your team to work with confidence each day and stop any attacks from causing any kind of damage.

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