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Innovative Trends in Animation Technology

VitaliyKolos Inspiration Nov 15, 2018

Animation is probably the fastest growing industry in the world. One of the dynamic industries, we would consider it one of the excellent options in a variety of areas. Initially focused on the entertainment industry, the technology has now been used to a more significant effect on a broader range of areas including, but not limited to advertising, marketing, and several other facets of life. From that perspective, there are a few innovations we have been witnessing in the realm of animation. Let us check out a few of them in today's post.

Innovative Trends in Animation Technology

Neglecting the effects of animation and the innovations occurring in this genre should, in fact, be suicidal for a marketer. The most innovative trends you may find in the animation industry would be one of the best you can opt for if you want to make the best out of your business efforts.

Please note that the trends we are talking about are only representative in nature and there are several other innovative effects you would indeed love to experiment with. We will focus on the select few for the sake of this compilation.

Whiteboard Animation

Of course, whiteboard animation is one of the oldest animation techniques. However, over a few years, there have been a lot of techniques and software tools that have given a new dimension to the concept of whiteboard animation. No matter whether you have a background in animation technology or not, these tools help you achieve the best results.

The whiteboard videos help you create beautiful animations for your explained videos. Of course, there are several other options available that would help you create outstanding presentations with the right sort of Time lapse software options. You would need to understand the concepts which should not take more than a few minutes.

Animated Web Series

The web series has been one of the most widely used advertising techniques over the past few years. The production technologies and the improvement on them have been unique in their own right and helped you achieve the best results with respect to high-end advertising.

Brands these days have been into creating animated web series highlighting their products and services. If you are capable of crafting a few nice ones at that, your customers would indeed be attracted and would keep coming back for more. Animated web series has been one of the cost-effective means of advertising.


Well, we have been living in an age that revolves around AR and VR. How can we expect marketing and advertising stay unaffected from the effects? Of course, the technology has been a little expensive, and it would need the right amount of investment.

Not that the concept of AR and VR is anything new to deal with, but the effects are being felt in the animation genre over the past couple of years. The power of VR and AR lies in the fact that it helps you create a few stories and concepts that tend to immersive. In fact, AR and VR are all about erasing the difference between the real and virtual worlds. From that perspective, we would treat opting for AR and VR in animations can have lasting effects.

Real-time Rendering

The rendering ability of the game engines and the other capabilities of tools concerning the animation has been quite groundbreaking enough. The advancement in the technology arena has been setting up new standards for the animation creators. The improvement has been at the root of the changing face of animation.

The real-time rendering and creation have been helpful in offering high-end flexibility for an enhanced level of post-production and compositing.

Death of 3D CGI

Computer generated Imagery has been a part of animations since long. The 3D CGI had been one of the prominent elements of an animation movie or any similar content. However, not anymore. We have been observing a near decline in the use of 3D CGI.

It could well be a hunch, but it has been evident enough to believe that the effect of 3D CGI has been waning away slowly. The focus these days has been on the 2D CGI, and it has been considered to be one of the better options in terms of quality. The 2D CGI is said to offer options for better creativity and thus has been fast overtaking its 3D counterpart.

The growth of Motion graphics

The option for Motion graphics has been on a growth trajectory. We believe that it is bound to offer more extensive options for imaginative and creative movie making. If vibrant videos are your forte, motion graphics will work towards offering you an excellent experience.

Motion graphics provides your animation characters a unique look of appearing too move rather than just changing positions. In fact, motion graphics would help you get rid of the cartoon like movement. In fact, motion graphics should be the best option for producing a few beautiful and informative videos. In fact, it would provide you with an excellent option for creating an illusory effect of movement. Get a free hand of being able to opt for different types of imagery.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, the animation industry has been around for over 140 years and definitely for a long time. It has gone through a few remarkable changes over all these years of its existence. In tune with those changes, we have been witnessing continuous and definitive advancements. The changes have been quite rapid of late. Thee concepts like 360 degree videos have been bringing in the new changes and have been altering the way the things have been taking shape.

Of course, you may not be using all these features and advancements in your journey of showcasing your talent. However, keeping an eye on the development is the need of the hour if you really want to make the best out of animation and the new trends emerging from it.

Which innovations or trends did you find lending huge support to how the animation industry is shaping itself up? Share your views with us.

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