Interesting Features of Webinar Software

Webinars are applied more and more in today's world. People get used to the fact that if they want to improve their skills in some areas, it is worth to select online training – a webinar instead of going to other part of the city and sometimes get a poor quality training. This article will point out some interesting features that are provided by well-known webinar software called ClickMeeting.

  • Whiteboard feature
  • Presentation feature
  • Paid webinars feature
  • Surveys feature

Whiteboard feature

One of the most significant features of Webinar software ClickMeeting is definitely the whiteboard. If you want to open it during the webinar, you have to click the whiteboard icon in the dashboard. You will find it on the left side. Then the blank page appears and you can see numerous drawing tools to express or explain your ideas better. Moreover, there is a possibility to paste a picture, draw some images and many more. It will certainly grab an attention of your participants and save your time. In most cases, it is faster to draw something than explain it for hours.

Presentation feature

A good presentation is a key to achieve a success during your Webinar. You may open your presentation by clicking the presentation icon in the dashboard section. You may find it on the left side of the webinar room. You may upload numerous PowerPoint presentations, various images, important PDF files, videos and music files that will make your presentation special. It will help your attendees to understand your ideas better and faster.

It is advisable to upload your presentation before the webinar to not lose time for uploading it. It is worth to know that the maximum size of the uploaded file is 50MB.

What is more, your presentation can be shared among your audience after the webinar finishes if you want to.

Paid webinars features

ClickMeeting Webinar software platform allows you to earn some money from your audience. You may ask your audience to purchase an access to live webinar where you may sell your goods or present very important and value content. You can inform about charges in your invitations and your attendees can pay by Paypal in many currencies, including: US Dollar, Euro, British Pounds, Russian Rouble and Polish Zloty.

The owner of the webinar can see the statistics and withdraw the money using Paypal.

It is very simple and easy for you as well as for your attendees.

Surveys features

The last but not the least important Webinar software feature is survey. It is always worth to know your attendees' opinions. Luckily, ClickMeeting software allows you to create the survey.

It is advisable to prepare the survey before your webinar starts. To do it, you have to click the survey icon in the dashboard section. You can find it easily on the left side of the webinar room.

How to do it?

Firstly, give your survey a name.

Secondly, decide about the type of survey: you can select a poll or a scored test with limited time.

Thirdly, click start adding question icon – you may create three types of questions: single choice, multiple choice as well as open questions.

Fourthly, type your questions with answers if you selected single choice or multiple choice questions.

Fifthly, you can add points to each of the answers.

Sixthly, when you finish – click save button.

Next use the survey any time you want to during your webinar or right after it.

Last stage is analysis of the results – you can see it in the real time. It is also worth to analyse them after webinar.

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