Miscellaneous Inspiration Internet of Things Applications That are Going to Change the Way We Live in 2017

Internet of Things Applications That are Going to Change the Way We Live in 2017

Fawad.Malik Inspiration Oct 19, 2016

Don't you think that the Internet of Things is the most confusing tech trend in the world now? At the same time we are also told that it is going to be epic and the anticipations are either in relation to the tens of billions devices which have been already connected and the trillions of dollars of revenue that has been generated within the economy.

At the present moment, the IoT almost feels like an avalanche of brand new products among which most of them are being designed to solve some petty problems of the world. They are nothing but a pack of expensive gadgets which fall in the category of "nice to have" rather than "must have". With this mega tech trend, everything seems to move at a very fast speed year after year.

Hence it is needless to say that the present hype over the Internet of Things is indeed huge and it almost seems that everyday there is a new company which announced some new product which is IoT enabled. Along with it come the biased anticipations of where exactly the IoT market is heading. Instead of making some more predictions which are mostly biased, let's take a look at some of the best Internet of Things applications which are presently available. What does this analysis point out? Read on.

Ranking Internet of Things Applications

The below mentioned rankings have been done entire based on what people search on Google, what they speak about on Twitter and what they write about in LinkedIn.

Smart Home applications

Among all the measured channels, Smart Home clearly stands out and ranks as the highest Internet of Things applications. Research reveals that more than 60,000 people presently search for the term Smart Home every month and you shouldn't be taken by surprise as achieving a smart home is the primary intention of majority of the people. As per the IoT analytics company database, there are around 256 startup companies for Smart Home and increasing numbers of companies are getting active in the IoT field. The list includes some prominent and popular names like AlertMe, Nest and some multinational companies like Philips, Belkin and Haier.

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Wearable gadgets applications

Wearable gadgets have also gained enough momentum and they too remain a hot topic. As consumers wait for the release of the new smart watch from Apple, there are numerous other wearable gadgets which may excite and interest you like the Myo gesture control, Sony Smart B Trainer or the LockSee bracelet. Among the best IoT startup agencies, Jawbone, the wearable maker is one of the biggest and it stands presently as more than half billion dollars.

Smart grids applications

Smart grids are indeed a special form of Internet of Things applications. A future smart grid resolves to utilize information regarding the behaviors of electric consumers and suppliers in a way that enhances its reliability, consistency and economics of electricity. If you get to know about the 41,000 monthly searches in Google, you will get to know the popularity of the concept. However this category suffers from lack of tweets and this clearly implies that people hardly have much to say about this section.

Smart City applications

Smart City includes a wide variety of cases like water distribution, traffic management, waste management, environmental monitoring and urban security. The popularity of this Smart City project is fueled by the fact that many solutions resolve to reduce the pains and sufferings of people who live in cities these days. IoT solutions in the periphery of Smart City can also solve issues like pollution, noise and traffic congestion and helps in making cities better and smarter.

Industrial Internet applications

One of the Internet of Things applications is also industrial internet and while market researches like Cisco and Gartner see this area as that with highest potential, it is sad to note that its popularity doesn't reach out to common masses as the wearable and smart home applications. Nevertheless, the industrial internet has a lot of potential and very soon it is going to become popular enough. The industrial internet receives the biggest push from people in Twitter as compared to the other IoT concepts which are not consumer-specific.

Connected car applications

The connected car is gradually coming into existence. Due to the fact that development in the automobile industry takes around 2-4 years, there hasn't been too much hype regarding the connected car. But with the advancements within the industry, it seems that we are almost there Most of the famous vehicle makers are braving their connected car solutions. Fords and BMWs of the next generation will all be internet connected cars.

Therefore, if you're eagerly waiting to know about making life easier by owning some of the internet connected gadgets, you can wait for some more to hit the industry.


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