Is Your Roofing Business Reaching All Of Your Potential Customers?

Roofing Business Customers

If you’re lucky enough to own the only roofing company in town. As in, your closest competitor is miles away in another town, you may not need to read this article. You’re probably already reaching all of your potential customers.

After all, your business is the only place to go when someone needs roofing services — however, most roofing companies have plenty of competition and their current marketing strategies may not be producing the best results. This is when you may want to take a look at roofing SEO services.

What is SEO

Chances are you know pretty much everything about roofing—it’s your area of expertise. Focusing on that, you’re not really required to know what SEO means or even how it can help boost your business’s visibility. So to start, SEO stands for search engine optimization.

In simple terms, SEO helps ensure your website pops up at the top of the result page. You know, the page that appears with websites relating to your online search. Ideally, you want your business website to appear in the top ten search results.

Why does it matter where your website appears in search engine results? Think about the last time you clicked over to the second or even third page of results. Chances are, you can’t remember the last time you looked at results past the first ten or fifteen, which means if your website isn’t ranking on the first result page, you’re probably missing out on potential clients.

SEO involves using things like optimized content, keywords, images, and links to help increase your search engine rankings. The higher your rankings, the more likely your webpage is going to be one of the first ones potential customers see. So, now that you have a better idea of what SEO is, it’s time to look at the benefits.

Benefits of SEO for Roofing Businesses

You already know that SEO works to improve your search engine rankings but it’s not the only benefit you can get from using the practice.

Gives You an Edge Over Your Competition

Even if there’s more business than a couple of roofing companies can handle, you still want to be one of the first companies people turn to. You have a business website and pages full of content. You’re even taking advantage of Google's local services.

Not sure what Google’s local services are, which is the local page that pops up during an online search. The results are location-specific to the user’s IP address and display nearby business names, addresses, phone numbers, and operating hours. A link to your business website is also typically included on the page.

You may have all of this going for you, but you’re still not getting the hoped-for results. SEO can perform analytics on your competitor's sites to see what’s missing from your web pages. Maybe there’s a keyword everyone is using when they search for roofing companies.

Your competitor's site may also be missing a few key elements. SEO can help identify what’s missing so you can ensure it’s included on your website. Sometimes, even the smallest change can give you a noticeable edge over your competitors.

Make Your Site Mobile User Friendly

Think about the device you commonly use for web searches. Are you always on your laptop or desktop computer or reaching for a mobile device like a tablet or phone? Most online searches are a mix of stationary and mobile devices. This means your website needs to be ready for both large and small screens.

If you’re not sure if this is important or how it can help you reach more customers, think about the last time a website was a little wonky on your phone. How long did you spend on the website? Chances are, you gave up after a few seconds. After all, why bother with a website you can’t read or easily navigate?

SEO can help improve users’ experiences on your website, even if they have a smaller screen. From ensuring the content fits the screen size to formatting tab and button sizes, SEO can help ensure you have a responsive website.

With a user-friendly site, regardless of screen size, you’ll find it’s easier to reach a wider audience. This typically results in an uptick in business and this is always a good thing.

Helps Build Brand Trust

Building trust with consumers is easier when it’s based on face-to-face interactions. However, this isn’t always possible. You can send your staff on a door-knocking campaign or hand out flyers at the local grocery store, but neither method is particularly effective. Instead of building brand trust, you’re probably only annoying potential clients.

Yes, SEO when done right, can help build brand trust. Don’t expect consumers’ trust in your brand to explode overnight. Building trust takes time and hard work.

SEO can help simplify the process and keep your staff from knocking on random doors. Some effective ways SEO can help include engaging with consumers. Yes, you can stay engaged with consumers, even if it’s only online.

Paying attention to your business review page is a good start. Thank satisfied customers for their positive reviews and respond to any negative ones. When it comes to responding to negative reviews, there’s a right and a wrong way.

Don’t be argumentative, even if you’re positive the customer’s wrong. Instead, inquire about what went wrong and how you may be able to improve the situation. You don’t have to give away free roofing services but at least initiate a conversation.

Did you know Google also pays attention to how you respond to consumers on your website? The more engaged you are with site visitors, the higher your rankings.

Responding to customers and visitors who may only have questions is also a great way to make them feel appreciated. Over time, they’ll develop trust in your brand and you’ll be the first call when something goes wrong with their roof.

Let The Experts Handle SEO While You Take Care of Roofs

SEO can easily become a full-time job and you probably don’t have the time to keep up with the best practices.

So instead of trying to do everything by yourself, consider partnering with an experienced SEO supplier to help you. Before long, you’ll notice an uptick in site visitors and more customers looking for roofing services.

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