Magento 2.0 is the Way to Enhance Your eCommerce Business

A famous song by Rolling Stones stays that you can't always get what you want. And it certainly true for many areas of life - and business as well. Many e-commerce businesses that choose Magento admit that the platform is amazingly flexible. But as it always happens this strong advantage causes some shortcomings as well. For many developing e-commerce businesses Magento 1 appeared to be a little too slow. Customers also complained that some critically important tools are missing and they had to get these additional features from somewhere else. Luckily as you can't always get what you want, you can (most of the time) get what you need. And that's exactly what Magento 2.0 was created for. Here is a list of reasons why Magento 2.0 is a great tool for e-commerce business:

Reason 1

It is still really flexible, but now runs about 20% faster.

New Magento 2.0 offers its users all possible freedom in creating a variety of functions. And in the same time it is working faster than previous version. So new version seems perfect for those who is looking for flexibility in the process of constant changing, adjusting and improving of their e-commerce platform. And want to do it faster.

Reason 2

Integration of most popular extensions that most stores need desperately.

Situation when you have to buy additional tools from third parties, when you already work with a platform is not a pleasant one. And Magento 2.0 is doing its best to solve this problem. For example, now it includes most popular payment gateways that are necessary for most online stores.

Reason 3

Interface that is easy to use and love.

Every business has a side that customer doesn't see, but usually this is the side where owner spends all his working days (and sometimes nights and weekends as well). In e-commerce, this side is admin interface. Of course, your store can look beautiful even if the interface is a mess, but the process of improving and adjusting is going to be slow and complicated. So, in new Magento 2.0 admin interface is user-friendly to make lives of the owner, team members and especially new employees much easier.

Reason 4

More and more mobile-friendly.

There is no doubt that mobile-friendly platforms are not the future, but the present of today's e-commerce. It crucially important for clients to be able to look through your store on the go as well as being able to buy easily from any mobile device. If that's not the case - it would be really hard to attract customers and encourage sales. And Magento 2.0 is all about providing nice experience, but not just for the customers. The admin panel is touch screen friendly so you can as well manage all necessary changes from any device you like.

Reason 5

Easier and more efficient check out

Check out is the most common barrier that stays between a wish to buy and completing the order. So the best check out is the one that request minimum information and fewer steps to complete the procedure. Magento 2.0 created a more simple and intuitive check out process with an option of faster check out using saved information. Easier check out helps with decreasing abandoned cart and improving sales and conversions.

In fact if Magento 1 (according to some research) was holding 14% of the market share, there is no doubt that Magento 2.0 will increase this number and make many users of Magento 1 thinking about transitioning. As a result, it would bring many e-commerce owners what they really needed and waited for quite a long time. So hopefully it will all lead to a better and more sufficient experience for both customers and sellers.

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