Miscellaneous Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a 3D Model

Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a 3D Model

Fawad.Malik Miscellaneous Jun 13, 2018

3D model making is not a simple job to do and it could also be confusing for beginners. One must have creative designing skills and basic know how regarding 3D modeling to get the job done efficiently. However, below we have listed the few mistakes to avoid when designing a 3D model in order to help you accomplish the great work by eliminating the worst things. When it comes to design 3D models, we use several software, print with different kinds of materials and also use various printing technologies to get the job done greatly. That is the reason; one should always choose the right materials, technology and software etc to create masterpieces for clients.

List of Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a 3D Model Use of the wrong materials

Selecting or using the wrong materials is one of the worst mistakes that should be avoided when creating a 3D model. For instance, if you are using too rough, hard, weighty, smooth or strong materials for your 3D models, you should avoid it and follow the specific 3Dmodeling and printing materials guideline to prove yourself as an expert 3D artist. There are always some materials that should not be used for a specific object and having the basic knowledge and material guideline can help you do the great job. Sticking with the designing and materials rules is the key to success when creating a 3D model.

File resolution

Do you know that STL (Standard Triangle Language) is the recommended file format for 3D models? Yes, it is the most commonly used file format to save a file with high resolution to make your 3D work amazing. And if you are not using the recently mentioned file format for your work, then you are making one of the worst mistakes to avoid when creating 3D model. File saved in any other format will have an effect on its resolution to make it dull or poor in appearance. It is also said by experts that choosing the right file format can help you save the file with recommended file resolution because it is something vital in 3D printing that can make or break your file print.

Not taking care of the printing technology

Use of the right printing material is not the only thing you should take good care of while creating 3D models but printing technology is another important thing to consider if you really want amazing printing results. For instance, if you are using conductive Ink printing with 3D printers, an appropriate printing technology should also be used to get things in your favor. Similarly, if you are about to create a 3D model with interlocking part, then you should only make use of Rubberlike, Alumide, Polyamide and ABS to get better final printing outcomes. In simple words, it is very important to determine the right materials and printing technology that are recommended for specific type of 3D models you are about to create.

Ignorance of wall thickness

Always keep in mind that if the wall thickness of your 3D model is too much thin, then you will be unable to print the tiny parts of your model. That’s why, wall thickness is one of the things that you should take good care of when creating a 3D model. Ignorance of the wall thickness could be a costly mistake to make your overall work evil. It can cause the major problem while printing a 3D model for your client.

You are not following the Software guidelines

3D artists and experts always use different software for3D modeling and printing to make the work amazing. Many 3D designing software programs come with automatic wall thickness application and you may need to do it manually if you are using another one to create 3D models. Most of the software specially developed to make 3D prints, though many others are typically used for 3D artists and designers so they can provide creative 3D designing and printing services.

Apart from the type of software you are using for your projects, you should join the shells together carefully, 3D model should be watertight and most importantly wall thickness should be applied cautiously to make your models pleasing.

Final Thoughts

Due to the latest technological advances, things are more difficult than before. Hence, making sure that you are expert in software and material choice will help you get the great 3D models created and printed as well to make your clients pleased. Internet is full of 3D model creating guidelines, video tutorials and useful information that can help you choose the things wisely in order to provide better final outcomes without facing difficulties. You can also grow your 3D designing career amazingly by acquiring the valuable guidance and instructions of the professional 3D designers to polish your skills for a bright future in 3D modeling and printing.


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