Photoshop is Even More Awesome Now. Or What is There to Make a Designer's Work Flawless.

Last week Adobe released a major update to their Creative Cloud service and all their products in it. This is the biggest update Adobe released thus far, every product was renewed and two new were added: Adobe CreativeSync and Adobe Stock, plus there are a few new mobile apps.

Naturally, Photoshop has new features now as well. Here is my short review on the renovations that are going to make a web designer's life easier and more fun from now on!


This concept was borrowed from Illustrator, it allows you to work on a design for each resolution or device you need to, in the same Photoshop file. You do not need to jump from file to file any more.

Multiple layer styles

You can now add up to 10 instances of a layer style. The layer styles that can be multiplied without rasterizing include drop shadow, gradient overlay, color overlay, inner shadow and stroke. You can add these to a layer or a layer group and edit any style at any time.

new photoshop layer styles

New image export

This is a modernised Save for Web, you can now export a layer, artboard or a whole document with just one click.

Creative cloud libraries and linked assets

The Creative Cloud Libraries experience is now much enhanced. Say, you create a toolbar once, you make it an asset and since assets in Creative Cloud Libraries can be linked now, you can update it once and the update will be added across all the places the asset was used in! Plus the overall performance of the libraries is now much improved.

new photoshop Creative Cloud Libraries

Photoshop Design Space

For designers this is the best and the most awesome addition to the new Photoshop. Now, this is just a preview, but the concept is amazing, it will make your life as a UI/UX or web designer so much more enjoyable.

Design Space is actually an HMTL5/CSS/JS layer built on top of Photoshop. This is a special place for designers within Photoshop, with new design-focused features and new interactions, aimed to unclutter the process of creating mobile apps and websites.

A short video guide on what exactly Design Space has to offer:
Here is a view on all the design-related features described above:
A couple words on the two new Adobe products
Adobe Stock

This is a huge image stock available for you right within Photoshop. There's about 40 million of royalty-free images for you to choose from, save your selection to your CC Library and drag it to your project. Without ever leaving Photoshop.

new Adobe Stock

A short tutorial on how to use the stock:
Use Adobe Stock with Creative Cloud Libraries
Adobe CreativeSync

Adobe CreativeSync is a new and very powerful technology that allows you to start your creative project on one device and continue working on it on another exactly where you left off. This technology automatically synchronizes all your files, fonts, parameters, resources, images etc. across all your devices and Adobe products (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign etc.)

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