30+ Amazing Ideas for Spring Celebration

Has your winter been snowy? Ours has. A lot of snow. But spring has, finally, come and we can't ignore it. We've been waiting for it so long!

Our hearts are longing for warm weather, bright sun shining in the sky and first tender spring flowers. We desire to hear bird's singing and to smell fragrance of nature. Do not hesitate if you want to call spring the sweetest, the gentlest and the most beautiful season.

Undoubtedly, spring is a beginning of a new period in everybody's life. Hm... perhaps, for somebody it can become even the beginning of a new life! Have you a dream? Of course you do. And how many times have you put off its realization because you:

1. hadn't free time;
2. hadn't enough money;
3. you found it to be unreal;
4. you had fear of failure;
5. you were afraid of choosing the wrong time...

If you think so, you are doomed to fail. Doing something just for the sake of it is rarely better than ignoring it at all. I think, spring is the best time for your dreams come true!


It is difficult to refute that spring is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. A lot of brilliant works of art were created in spring. Below I've showcased some spring-themed photoshop tutorials. Hope you'll find them useful :)

Roses Bouquet Splash Effect

Use some simple techniques to create this roses bouquet splash effect. The result will impress you.

Roses bouquet

How to Make a Beautiful Spring Butterfly Scenery

In this tutorial you will learn how to make the Butterfly in the spring image. All effects are made by changing the brush size and opacity.

Make a Beautiful Spring Butterfly Scenery

Beautiful Bloom

Merge a photo of a beautiful nude girl with flowers to make a very interesting concept. Beautiful Bloom photo manipulation for your inspiration.

Beautiful Bloom photo manipulation

Fairy night. Beanstalk

Stunning photo manipulation "Fairy night. Beanstalk" learns how to create awesome landscape effect using basic Photoshop tools.

Fairy night. Beanstalk

When the Dreams Come True

Combine some stock photos to create a beautiful fantasy manipulation When the Dreams Come True.

 Spring photo manipulation

Turn a Photo Into a Nature Inspired Illustration

Transform a photo into a nature-inspired illustration. You will see many advanced photo manipulation techniques including how to redraw hair and to make advanced color adjustments.

Nature Inspired Illustration

How to Create Bamboo in Adobe Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw semi-realistic bamboo in Adobe Photoshop - perfect textures and backgrounds.

Create Bamboo in Adobe Photoshop

Earth Day. Green Planet

Awesome green photo manipulation with planet. It is easy to follow tutorial even for newbies.

Earth Day

How To Make A Digital Painting of a Rose From Scratch

Create a digital painting of a rose from scratch. From a simple sketch till a beautiful rose.

Digital Painting Of A Rose From Scratch

Spring Wallpaper

This tutorial will teach you masking techniques, text editing, and stock photography usage to enhance your work.

Spring Wallpaper

Create an Ice Cream Type Treatment in Photoshop

Create an ice cream type in Photoshop. The process is simple enough for any level Photoshop lover.

Ice Cream Type Treatment

The Enchanted Forest

Fantasy photo manipulation The Enchanted Forest is a nice piece of inspiration.

Fantasy photo manipulation

How To Make a Clear and Gorgeous Rose Flower

Learn how to make a clear and gorgeous rose flower using simple Photoshop skills.

gorgeous rose photo manipulation

Create a Flowerpot From Scratch in Photoshop

An easy to follow way to create a flowerpot from a scratch in Photoshop.


A piece of inspiration for International Women's Day

In spring we celebrate one of the most beautiful holidays - the Woman's Day. Every year the 8th of March is the day when we congratulate our mothers, girlfriends and wives. We celebrate the beginning of spring, new season, new life.

Beautiful girl's illustrations are the best burst of inspiration. Surfing the internet you can find a big list of woman's portraits created in Photoshop, Illustrator ets. I am sure that all these artworks were inspired by some real girls. Take a look at illustrations I've picked below. Some of them are created in illustrator or photoshop. Some of them are photos. Artists combine different techniques to reach such awesome results. Enjoy!

Working with many blending modes and adjustment layers you'll create this photo manipulation.

spring photo manipulation

Portrait with a rose - realistic vector illustration created in CorelDRAW

Portrait with a rose vector

Absolutely beautiful photo manipulation made in Photoshop CS5 "Party Girl"

spring photo manipulation

An essential part of American popular art, Pin-Up was coined in the 30's. Since that time it has not lost its popularity. Psycho nurse is a stunning example of pin-up styled photography.

pin up photo

A cool way to say "Marry Christmas" to your boyfriend. "Candy cane christmas" is a awesome example of an expressive photography.

>Candy cane christmas

Tutti Frutti Vector is a 100% vector baby...it was created using a lot of techniques and plenty of gradients, solid colour, blends, clipping masks, patterns, zig zag effect.

spring vector illustration

Take a look at this fantasy example of a digital art.

spring photo manipulation

Last Race is a beautiful piece of work! I love how smooth the skin looks.

spring photo manipulation

Fantasy digital art composition Sprite makes me believe in fairy tales.

spring photo manipulation

Sashimi's revenge combines a brilliant kind of surreal glow, nice rendering and tones.

Sashimi's revenge photo manipulation

How about some spring icons?

By the way, I think that spring is a great time to renew your own site design. I can recommend you one easy way to do it. Just decorate your site with colorful icons. Add them to your design and you'll see how it will change your mood turning it into a positive one.

Seasons Tweeting Icons (24 icons)

Seasons Tweeting Icons

Take a look at this free icon set about what we can see in the streets in spring.


Awesome Twitter Icons. Great news: they a free for download!)

Twitter Icons

Use different seasonal themed RSS icons for each season.

Seasonal RSS Icons

Stock Illustration Spring Icons

Stock Ilustration Spring Icons

10 free spring brush sets for your own usage

Some spring-themed brushes will help you in creation of your own photo manipulation. You can take a photo of your beloved, decorate it with flowers, sprays, bird's illustrations etc. It will be a stunning hand-made present and an original way to say "I love you". Even a bored design can look better and blossom out with help of floral brushes. Therefore, the best way to add some remarkable and beautiful details into your design is to use one of these brushes. So, feel free to browse them all and pick the best ones. All brushes are free for download!

The set of 19 vector brushes. Try to use them.

Spring brushes

42 Free Nature And Floral Photoshop Brush Sets

Spring brushes

Four amazing flower brushes will help you to create a good looking artwork.

Spring brushes

Image pack of cute flower brushes for your creativity.

Spring brushes

15 spring brushes made in Photoshop CS3

Spring brushes

This hand-drawn brush set comes in ABR and PNG formats. File Size: 2MB

Spring brushes

This pack has several dozen brushes ranging in size from 800px-100px.

Spring brushes

Bsilvia BIRDS (& trees and fields of grass) Photoshop brushes

Spring brushes

27 very nice floral brushes for Adobe Photoshop.

Spring brushes

In spring everything is full of love and tender feelings. Everybody wants to fall in love, wants to find his sweetheart ... A fresh spring spirit is everywhere. Let's celebrate!!!

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