Beautiful Bloom (Exclusive Tutorial)

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When we have our canvas size we need to set the background color.
I chose warm brown color.
In the middle illustration I used soft brush on a new layer to set the source of light. Now duplicate layer and enlarge a little bit.

Beautiful Bloom 1

After that we need to add more contrast so I used adjustments layers. Color balance, levels and curves ... These things are strong :)

Beautiful Bloom 2

Beautiful Bloom 3

In the middle of illustration I put a stock picture of a girl, blended it with the color balance CTRL + b and curves ctrl + m.
Duplicate the layer and flip vertical ... put it down to make a reflection, add the mask and lower it with a gradient ... after that go to Filter - Distort - Wave (default settings)

Beautiful Bloom 4

Then I added wings, which I shaded using burn tool and dodge tool wit default settings.

Beautiful Bloom 5

Beautiful Bloom 6

Now it is time to create a path P. If we have our path the right click of the mouse and stroke path with brush set 10px hardness of 100% green color, check simulate pressure.

Beautiful Bloom 7

Then I added blending options like bevel and emboss and satin after that I cut out some leafs and flowers.

Beautiful Bloom 8

Beautiful Bloom 9

Beautiful Bloom 10

Beautiful Bloom 11

Beautiful Bloom 12

Beautiful Bloom 13

Add water splashes using stock of water with screen opacity. Now add some vector flowers to the background, with black color overlay opacity.

Beautiful Bloom 14

Beautiful Bloom 15

Beautiful Bloom 16

I would like you to make your own image more uniform. Put a screen layer of the top of layers, use the background color and click. 50% opacity. Then your figure fits more into the background.
Beautiful Bloom 17


Things like little details are made by small brush and some texture is displaced by Liquify filter - alt + ctrl + x
This tool is very powerful, you can change shapes of everything you want.

Beautiful Bloom 18

Beautiful Bloom

The image you see here is called "Bloom" and it was created for a cosmetics company.
Thank you very much and see you soon:)

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