How to Create Custom Pattern in Photoshop

Have you ever wondered how to add some more patterns to the default Photoshop patterns library? If you do, this tutorial is just for you. The default patterns are nothing special and if we can add any kind of patterns we like - lets do it.

You have to open or draw your own image for use in the tutorial. I'll show you how to make thin stripes pattern to use for Photoshop custom pattern.

1. First let's create a new canvas with dimentions 4X4px.

2. Select the pencil tool with 1px brush size. Zoom the canvas and draw 4 pixels like shown below.


For this example I am using transparent background as it gives you more freedom for different effects afterwards.

3. From the "Edit" menu choose "Define pattern..."

How to Create Custom Pattern in Photoshop

and choose a name for your new Photoshop custom pattern...

How to Create Custom Pattern in Photoshop

3. There are many ways to use the custom pattern now. Here are some of them:

- Choose the "Paint bucket tool" and from the tool options choose "Pattern". Then select your newly created custom pattern.

How to Create Custom Pattern in Photoshop

- From the layer blending options menu choose "Pattern overlay" and agailfn select your pattern.

- In the "Layer" menu -> Create New Fill Layer -> Pattern....

Try different blending options to achieve different layer effects. The custom patterns are one great way to add effects to your Photoshop projects. The variations are infinite. It's all up to your own imagination.

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