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<span>Editor's Pick in PHP Tutorials, June 2007</span><br/>Who needs an Image Slideshow? You will when you see how easy it is to make and how great it looks. The author gives you code for every step so that you can set it easily into your PHP for the website design.
Now that we have our first simple class (which we build in Intro To Object: Building Your First Class) we're going to modify it a bit.
You have havent done so yet, I strongly recommend you first read my Intro To Object before starting this tutorial.
One thing you dont see too much, is tutorials on object oriented php. Now some may be familiar with object from Java and C++, and then on the other hand, many of you may have no clue what object is. For this tutorial, you need to be pretty fluent in php.
Theres two different ways this can be done. The first is by getting results from a mysql query, the second is going through the values of an array. I'll go over both. First the full files (ill break it up into two files, one using mysql, and one using an array)
In this tutorial, I'll go over making aqua style buttons.
Here I'll teach you how to create the navigation bar below. This has been cross browser and cross OS tested, so functionality shouldnt be an issue. You can view my blog to see this in action
In the last tutorial we learned how to display the time using php. Now this is cool and all but lets get even cooler and learn how to put that time to work and display custom greeting depending on the time of day.
This is a very simpl procedure that can add a much more detailed look to a render.
In this tutorial we will learn how to display the day and/or time by using php. It's a very easy thing to do using php (theres only one line of code, thats right, only one!) so, lets get started.