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PHPPHP Tutorials gathered the most useful information and teaching visual examples that can be successfully used in future work. Showing various ways and manners of PHP usage and thus increasing your work potential, PHP Tutorials perform an educational role simultaneously with a role of simplifying your laborious task, making the most of your time.The tutorials offer you all necessary data items, that can be used in future as patterns or basic elements of your working process. PHP Tutorials will help you easily select the main point from the whole information.Being a ready results of your searches, tutorials propose you answers to the main questions, including all possible details and aspects that can be of interest to you.
Advantages of PHP Programming
Simple guide on how to configure a root folder for a PHP web site using WAMP server.
Form Validation in PHP. Today I'll take it up a level and re-write that script using the if, else conditional and empty() function to include form validation.
<span>Editor's Pick in PHP Tutorials, June 2007</span><br/>Who needs an Image Slideshow? You will when you see how easy it is to make and how great it looks. The author gives you code for every step so that you can set it easily into your PHP for the website design.
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Make a working calculator using PHP.