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This is a simple script but yet very useful, it consists on : catching the date, applying a given display style to it and finally showing it up. In this tutorial we are going to choose this display style: Day of the week | Month | Day of the Month | Year | : for instance today is Wednesday May 25 20...
Last Modified, Preload your Images, Loading Time. In this tutorial you will find scripts for this topics.
First, let's create the html section. I made a simple form, but it gets the job done. You can customize it if you want, but remember to use the same form variables.
Javascript allows you to display a page in full screen via a button, the script consists of 2 parts, the first one will be inserted between the <head> and </head> tags is:
With this script you can add a banner rotation to your site, the base code is:
Have you ever looked back at photos, and noticed annoying passer-byers in them? Ever wanted to make them vanish? Well, thanks to photoshop's Heal Tool, you can! Lets begin, shall we?
I read in the forum some threads from people asking how to make icons (windows icons) but i did not appreciated the answers because they wasn't well explained or totally wrong (changing the extension of a gif file to .ico!!!).
Like many webmasters, you're bound to attract some annoying visitors, such as spammers. This is inevitable, but you can fight back. The simplest method of cyber combat is banning the IP, although this is not the most powerful method it works 90% of the time.
This will let you count the number of days remaining to reach a given event : for instance days left before we reach the year 2007:
1. Get a good car picture like the one I've chosen.
2. Now use the pen tool, the lasso tool or the magic wand to select the body part of the car (the red part in this case).
3. Create a new layer above the car's one and fill the selection with a color of your choice, I chose a blue shade...