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Editor's Pick in PHP Tutorials, June 2007
This Web Programming tutorial will show you how to write a PHP Thumbnail Generation Script. The author provides this article with code and a complete explanation on what it will do as a followup article to an earlier tutorial.
Editor's Pick in PHP Tutorials, June 2007
Web programmers will enjoy this article. It is a quick and effective way to create Random Password Generation - needed for security and anti-spam measures. The author provides concise lines of code, screenshots and simply read texts.
The following is the first of a short series of tutorials concentrating on building and handling a contact form on your website. This, the first part, will concentrate on the HTML of the form. The second will cover the PHP handling and a third anf final tutorial will consider possible enhancements, ...
This tutorial expands on my last CSS pop up menu tutorial. This time I will focus on how to use image "buttons" in the menu rather than plain text.
This tutorial expands on my last CSS pop up menu tutorial. Since I wrote it I have had a few questions about it that are worthy of expansion tutorials. This second part focuses on changing the menu so that it is horizontal, with the pop ups dropping downwards.
Editor's Pick in HTML and CSS Tutorials, June 2007
This is a really excellent article for creating a CSS Pop Up Menu. The author provides you with all the code necessary to make a good product. You just read the texts, put in the code and refer to pictures if you need them.
This tutorial will show you step by step how to create a reflection effect on a piece of text. The same technique can be applied to other things such as images too.