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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about common sense; it doesn't necessitate specific knowledge of algorithms, programming and classifications. All it requires is a basic understanding of how search engines spiders work. Taking care of the search engine spiders likes and dislikes can prove to...
Induction familiarizes the new recruits to the organization functioning so that they become productive in the least possible time; they are a means of honing the workforce to greater efficiency, precision, and perfection.
<span>Editor's Pick in Design Principles</span><br/>This is must read info for any body in the visual arts - digital included. The author explains color theory as it relates to webpage design. Each section has good examples you can follow.
Editor's Pick in Web Promotion
The author asks you, "What Is Dynamic Site Mapping?" then gives a great reason for this SEO move. "Each page can potentially be ranked for any combination of keywords found on that page" - better search reasults.