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This tutorial will teach you how to draw a realistic portal from scratch to spice up your photo's with portals or just to enrich your photoshop-knowledge!
In this tutorial you will learn how to create slick bend image with reflection kind of resembling a better version of the iTunes album-covers. A very handy tutorial if you need to learn more about the warp-transformation.
Ever wondered how Kirby was made? And although he was made using a 3d-program, this tutorial will teach you a very easy way to draw Kirby in Photoshop. By using some of the basic tools, I will tell you all the ins and outs about creating this spherific ball of joy!
Everyone in the office-world, and the non-office world knows what post-its are. If you have no idea what they are, don't worry. Post-its are THAT cool you still want to make it. This tutorial will teach you in a few simple steps how to create your very own digital post-its, perfect for writing sche...
The prefect tutorial for when you want to get rid of those choppy edges or corners. Using this tutorial, you can turn any sharp corner into a shape with smooth edges.
Ever wanted to transform people into zombies? Well you can now using photoshop. In just a few steps, this tutorial will teach you how to make zombiefied people.
3D text doesn't have to be created with a 3d-program. You can creat your own 3d text in just a few simple steps using Photoshop. A really easy tutorial that will teach you the basics of evocative dimensions. A must-see for beginners!
Pimping cars is not something WCC and GAS do anymore. Now you can do it too! It normally costs you a fortune to make sure your car looks great and in the end, it may not look exactly like you've wanted. With Photoshop you can ALWAYS achieve the result you want and edit it later without any costs!
Instead of wasting your money on fancy brands of makeup, try it yourself with Photoshop. Add soms blusher, lipstick or eye-shadow and you can turn any person into a model in just a few easy steps. Or always wanted to see how you'd look with that special color?
What happens when you do not properly glue your pieces of paper together and leave them flinging around? Torn paper edges is what you get. When, at that moment, you might not be happy about it, this tutorial will teach you how to apply (and safely undo) torn paper edges to your text and/or logo.