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In this tutorial you will learn how to draw vector Ipod.
1. Select Brush tools and then right click on the background and select Spatter 14 pixels
2. Then draw something on the brush.
3. Go to Filter > Artistic and select Sponge an then do the next step.
In this tutorial I'm going to how you how to replicate the American Idol logo in Photoshop.
Create custom action and use batch command to process images to a certain size.
Transform your photo/image into a love heart shaped picture.
Learn to create this army texture pattern.
Your MySpace images boring? Learn to Pimp them up with this easy tutorial.
I want a camouflage pattern to make (e.g. a mercenary signature background).
Make someone bleed, without actually hurting them, in this neat tutorial.
Create a simple basic menu navigation, great for your website.