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In this tutorial we'll use absolute positioning to set up a basic 3 column website with a header for the logo.
This tutorial will only focus on the menu portion and not how to position it into a header.
I've always liked the look a picture fading into a line drawing so here is a quick and easy Photoshop tutorial of this cool effect that is seen quite often in print ads.
In this tutorial we're going to use the vanishing point filter and a displacement map to make the 2torial blog header banner appear like it was painted onto an old stone building years ago.
In this Photoshop tutorial I'll create a Vista style navigation bar for use in your website.
Using a displacement map in Photoshop can create some really cool effects. Today, we'll use a displacement map to make some text appear as if it is painted onto wood.
In this tutorial, we'll make a cool chrome text effect in Photoshop. A very cool effect that can be used on pictures and video as well.
Here is a simple yet effective image effect that is often used in print ads.
in this tutorial we'll make some alien looking text in photoshop.
Learn how to create a horror face in Photoshop.