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In this tutorial I will try to show you how I normally make my pics look retro!
Create a rounded square using rounded rectangle shape tool. Press shift while creating to get a square.
Press Ctrl+T and rotate.
Start by opening an image of a man in a work suit.
Drag the image to the main file. Place it as shown in the image.
Start by inserting a cutout of a car in a new file.
Select white as background and blue as foreground color. From filter menu select "Sketch>>Photocopy".
Start by creating a diamond shape using custom shape tool.
Enable "subtract from shape area" at the top bar. Create "Spade" shape using custom shape tool.
Duplicate the path, flip vertical and place it on the other side.
In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a signature with more effect then a regular brushed signature.
In this tutorial I will be teaching you how to make a simple Clapboard, like the ones used in movies.
This tutorial will teach you to easily complement your images with a predefined frame using Photoshop's Actions palette.
In this tutorial I will teach you how to create borders that will go well with your art.
Create a complete book cover with this easy to understand tutorial.