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Take an image and make a dotted picture effect with it.
Creating arrowheads in Illustrator CS5 and exploring some of the new changes in the tool.
Learn how to use the blob tool in Illustrator CS5 in order to create a custom shape path.
Learn how to remove and add clouds into a picture
Create a star with multiple points by using Illustrator CS5
Learn how to create a cool tribal art design from scratch
Learn how to reflect an object or mirror a path in Illustrator
Using Photoshop Elements 9, you will learn how to replace a sky in an image with another one.
Learn how to easily add metadata information to your images in Illustrator
Hang around and create this nice little date and time clock/calendar using Actionscript 3.0! We will cover grabbing the correct time from the user's computer and punching that info into dynamic text fields.