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There are a couple of options that can catch you out in Illustrator; have you ever had the problem where you scale up an object but the strokes don't get any bigger?
There are some options in Illustrator that can catch you out. This particular one could cost you dearly if a job goes to print after overlooking this crucial option, resulting is a fuzzy/compressed and pure ugly rendering on the effects you added to your design.
Editor's Pick of November
My intention was to make my sites web design look like a cover of a fancy sports magazine. I found a few techniques in Adobe Illustrator very useful and hopefully so will you.
Editor's Pick of September, 2008
Producing a map can be quite challenging but its a must-be skill for any web designer to let people find their way to a place of business or event the site is devoted to.
Launch Adobe Illustrator, and draw a Rounded Rectangle. Use the cursor keys before deselecting to give large rounded corners.
Launch Adobe Illustrator, and create an oval with the Circle Tool...
Launch up Adobe Illustrator, select the Rounded Rectangle Tool and draw a shape as shown. Use the cursor keys to adjust the roundness of the corners to give almost circular ends.
Part one of the series will cover the creation of this flying bat ghost type fellow, so to begin launch up Adobe Illustrator.
Editor's Pick in Flash
Make some web design elements more attractive by applying flash animation effects to logos or banners.
The tutorial covers the complete design process from conception to completion, creating a practical logotype that will work in the real world.