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In this lesson I show you how to make a cartoon character talk from beginning to end. This includes recording the voice, drawing the mouth poses and syncing that voice to an animated mouth.
Elements 9 now introduces content-aware healing similar to the CS5 feature
In this tutorial I go over my technique for drawing a cartoon character.
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Simple tip to quickly generate and resize a background for text in Sony Vegas Movie Studio. Use for sub-titles, and lower thirds title backgrounds
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This video shows how to dial in Bokeh in Photoshop's Lens Blur Filter as well as combining with a Gaussian Blur version of the original background
In Flash professional CS5, learn how to add bones to a character and animate objects.
This video shows how to simulate Bokeh by creating custom brushes and saving them as Tool Presets in Photoshop.
Learn how to create a multi-layered animation project using Flash professional CS5