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Learn how to change the colors of certain objects in a picture in adobe photoshop.
Make your digital photo look like dreamy mood with this easy technique.
A video tutorial that takes a look at enhancing portraits using tools such as Liquify, adding catch lights, and skin tone adjustments by the numbers.
Here is a video tutorial to learn to make an animation in photoshop.
Create a plastic/glassy text effect like you would use for the title of a video game or movie, all in Photoshop CS2.
Have you ever wanted to turn your images into interesting and professional shots?
This tutorial teaches you how to use Photoshop to add realistic-looking fire to any stock or text (I used a rabbit).
Here you will find how to make a change of color to objects, this effect can put it into practice with different images.
Learn one very simple way, using the mask of the Black & White Gradient Map Adjustment layer to conceal or reveal parts of the image in color and other parts as a black and white version.
Learn how to draw and paint an apple in Adobe Photoshop CS.