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Learn how to use guides and rulers to create a well structured, organized clean web design. You will work with layer styles, gradients and basic design theories to create a unique, professional layout.
Learn how to use professional photo manipulation techniques to create a non-destructive, surreal piece. You will learn how to work with complex masks, adjustment layers and integrate textures into a unique design.
Learn how to create a grungy wallpaper. The tutorial utilizes several techniques such as the mask tool and integrating textures and patterns into your work.
Editor's pick of May, 2010
Digital artwork creation is being described covering techniques of brush usage, photo collage and layer blending in Photoshop.
Editor's Pick of May, 2010
Blend two completely different photos into an art alike visual composition with stunning effects and concept by using layer masks and lighting adjustments.
Learn how to create cool smokey typography in 12 simple steps.
<span>Editor's Pick in Photoshop Tutorials</span><br />Give your pictures some virtual reality feel and look by letting the characters break the boundaries of 2-d dimension.
Learn how to combine multiple photos to create an awesome martial arts scene. Perfect for learning basic photo manipulation.
This tutorial will cover the steps of designing the Clean Grunge blog design from scratch. It also discusses the techniques and styles of this kind of web design.
Editor's Pick of May, 2010
Eye pleasing web design may indeed take a few hours to create and just basic knowledge of image editing software. DIY guide proving that its all about a matter of taste and lack of technical skills is not an excuse any more.