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This tutorial shows viewers how to use the Extrude and Bevel feature in Illustrator, along with the color palette, to create gold type.
Experimenting with the Live Color options in Illustrator to add new life to a complex piece of artwork.
Open up the appearance panel and experiment with the abilities of this powerful set of tools.
The Color palette (Window menu > Color) is the color mixing palette of Adobe InDesign. It allows you to create colors using color sliders or by clicking in a color spectrum.
Before getting into the effective use of Effects, I'll start with a definition. An Effect is any command that alters the Appearance (look) of an object without changing its vector in any way....
The following tutorial comes out of a great question sent to me via email from Daniel Bosic, a Layers Magazine Tips of the Day reader from Canada.
Editor's Pick in Vector Graphics Tutorials, November 2006
This tutorial will explain Pixel Perfect Tracing. The author presents twelve well-illustrated steps to demonstrate the process. Technical material is explained very well for this Vector Graphics article.
In this tutorial, Jeff Witchel will take you beyond the default gray Graph by digging deep into little known options that make Illustrator Graphs so graphically exciting.
Editor's Pick in Vector Graphics, August 2006
This tutorial takes you step-by-step through recreating the Revolve Effect. All the graphics and illustrations make each step in Illustrator easy to understand.
One area of Adobe InDesign that sets it apart from any other layout program is Transparent Effects. In this tutorial, I'll be discussing how it's possible to cut a window right through your page to a beautiful picture below using Layers, Custom Grids, soft Drop Shadows and the Pathfinder palette.