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There are several methods of embedding Flash elements into HTML pages.
Editor's Pick in Templates & Tuning, January 2007
This article presents a very good Shopping Carts Overview. The process of choosing which of the three types of Ecommerce shopping carts is explained step-by-step taking into account all of your needs as pertains to your particular ...
Create an image gallery in a common html site.
TemplateMonster provides professional, low-cost, visually stunning high quality templates for content management systems (CMS).
WDL exclusive article.
I assume that it may be too early to talk about how the Web will look like when we switch to Semantic Web; but on the other hand, we should consider the fact that the web design industry (though it’s hard to give this industry a clear and strict definition) is one o...
Is it worth adding a forum to your site? How can it become popular with targeted users? These are the question that almost every more or less experienced webmaster asks after getting some experience with the World Wide Web.
CSS Web Template is a website design created using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) technology. Cascading Style Sheets provide web developers an easy way to format and style web pages.
A web design template is useless without content, so first of all you should add your own text to personalize your template. Changing text in an HTML file using an HTML editor is easy.
In this tutorial, you will learn how to make changes in texts, images and image colors in Adobe Photoshop.
Full Site and Full Package products already include all the necessary pages for your website. But you can create more pages or create an unlimited amount of pages from a single page of your web design template. It’s recommended that you customize a page before duplicating it. In this case, you wo...