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Let's create a quick and easy Glowing Plastic Wall Photo Montage using just default styles and filters.
We are going to apply a Sexy Dark Make Up for all your gothic-dark-style photos.
Time to make a Snake Skin Photo Montage using just a Brush, the Eraser Tool and Color Balance.
Let's create a very real Hulk-Like Make Up for any kind of Home or Studio photo, using just the Brush Tool and Blending options.
Just five steps, incredible realistic result, just a Tattoo Brush and the Eraser Tool, quick and realistic Tattoo Montage Tutorial for all of you Photo Effects maniacs.
Let's create a very Fashion Gold Skin / Silver Background photo effect, this is a very used effect on Fashion designs, like Perfume spots or Make Up commercials.
Time for a very Cute-Fashion Fairy Photo Composition, few steps and a stunning result using just Pre-Designed Brushes, Blending Modes, and your Eraser.
Let's make some Unrasterized Solid Mercury Text with just a few steps.
A classic Hippie Wood Text for all your retro/60's designs!
Learn how to create some Melting Snow Text with Blending Options and Filters.