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A Photoshop CS3 tutorial on changing peoples hair colour.
This video tutorial describes a very quick way to create circular text on a path in Adobe Photoshop CS3 without having to use the dreaded Pen tool.
Learn how to design a modern button, you can use on your webpages.
In this tutorial you will learn how to create a illusionary Exploding Text Effect in Photoshop.
In this video I will be teaching you how to work with gradients in backgrounds, text and also presetting gradients.
In this tutorial learn how to design a metallic text effect, this text can be used as a logo from your website.
Goes through the 2 methods of how to change the color of an eye on Adobe Photoshop.
This photoshop video tutorial will show you another way for creating a sticker icon.
How to make a web 2.0 icon in Photoshop CS3 / CS4.
This photoshop video tutorial demonstrates how to use Photoshop to measure leaf area, an important metric for use in plant growth analysis.