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Learn all about styling tags and how to write CSS code in Dreamweaver. By the end of this tutorial you will have a good understanding of how to write CSS, how CSS works, and how you can write your CSS code in Dreamweaver.
In this tutorial we will learn about a very cool widget in Dreamweaver CS4 that will allow you to create a very cool and easy to edit Collapsible Panel which basically allows a user to click and tab and a content box drops down below it and the user it able to click the tab and retract the box so it is just the tab again.
In this tutorial we will take a look at creating a fixed width, rounded corners text box using two simple images we create in Photoshop. You will learn a little about writing CSS code and working with images and CSS as well as some other cool useful tips and tricks.
We will take a look at a whole bunch of the things you want to be sure to know when starting to use Divs. Learn all about placing and using Divs as well as styling them with CSS in Dreamweaver!
Setup and edit your very own LightBox 2 JavaScript Photo Gallery.
Defining this root folder is the first step to using Dreamweaver very effectively and allowing Dreamweaver to manage your site for you and keep all of the links-everything from images to other pages-updated as you move pages, elements, and files around in your site.
We will start in Photoshop where we will create a nice little drop shadow graphic and then it's off to Dreamweaver for some CSS
Creating rollovers using CSS prevents you from having issues as far as people not having JavaScript enabled and from having to worry about JavaScript and your rollovers.
Create a form and then style it using CSS. Learn how to hand code a simple form and then hand code all of the CSS code you need to create a nice little form
Using Dreamweaver CS5 and CSS we will create and style a vertical navigation bar with images and rollover states