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This is one Photoshop tutorial that you will want to read. The author gives you all the graphics tips you need in a good step-by-step outline. Each part is loaded with graphics and screenshot examples of what your doing.
What a tuorial! This is the way to use Photoshop to create Music Quotes. Jazzy graphics are easy if you just follow this author's steps. Lots of pictures and screenshots make the steps a no-brainer, but the product is great.
Learn how to create nice wallpaper with night effects.
You can use this Summer Effects tutorial in a lot of ways once you master the steps in Photoshop that are outlined by the author. Every step is well written and accompanied by numerous pertinent graphics and helpful screenshots.
Create an effective logo that can be used for a casino site.
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This article is great - how to create "Thailand Beach Wallpaper." Using Photoshop the author shows you how to combine several different techniques into one graphic product that has many potentials, depending on your own esthetic preferences. ...
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This tutorial will show you how to create a modern wallpaper.
This illustration reflect the scene and the atmosphere created by the house, jazz and easy listening music. Inspired by curves, shapes, and the great scene by the nature.