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This video shows a quick use of Content Aware Scaling and shows the application and effects of a few Actions from Mama's Lollipop Bundle which has caricature, art, and retouching Actions.
Create a series of simple rollovers very easily with Actionscript 3.0. Using Flash CS3 or newer you will be able to use AS3 (Actionscript 3.0) and create these rollovers and use them in any of many applications in Flash.
In perspective editing is the ability to transform images without you having to worry about altering the size of brush, colour or anything else come to think of it.
Just a short video tutorial of making animations with a "fading effect".
Layer masks with vectors. Using vectors give the user more control over the detail you want to retain.
In this video tutorial you'll see how to create an evil alien eye effect in Adobe Photoshop.
In this video, we will create some artwork using textures and numerous color and text effects.
Learn how to change your photos into pop art style images using Adobe Photoshop.
Create this abstract lens flare texture effect using Adobe Photoshop.
In this video tutorial you'll see what the new natural media brushes are all about. Learn how to create a work of art from a photo using the not much skill required mixer brush. This one will have you dying to try out these tools.