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On a new uncolored background with the dimensions 500x400, 72dpi create the next picture using the tool
For your convenience are indicated the color code. Keep using the same instrument, we'll create the next picture:
Create a new background with the dimensions 400x 500, 72dpi and paint it with the white color. Then a new one and using the instrument , we create the next picture:
We will learn how to create a retro silhouette wallpaper.
This tutorial will show you a simple method to create an effecive wallpaper that you can use for your desktop or for any sort of web background.
Begin with the fact that the dimensions of this new file will be 500x400 and a resolution of 72dpi. Now we'll take the girl's photo and cut out the background, using the instrument (Eraser tool).
Learn how to work with Photoshop Pen Tool.
One of the most important aspects of a photograph is color. I'm going to show you a unique way to change the color of your photographs to get fantastic results. One of the most common ways people change colors is by merely using the Hue Saturation tool, which can often get you by, however, it often...
1. Open the original image
2. Click on the symbol for "Create a new fill or adjustment layer" and select the hue/saturation option.
3. Make your adjustments and a new layer will show up. Here, I also made some adjustment in the Levels option.
We'll create a popart design using an image of the singer shown below. <br/>Create boy selection using lasso tool press Ctrl+Shift+I to inverse the selection. Press delete to remove the outer area. Now duplicate the boy layer twice.
1. Take Your Image.
2. Now press "Ctrl+U" to bring up hue/Saturation and drop the saturation down to "0"
3. Now go to Filter > Render > Lighting Effects and use these settings: