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Select the hair using channels and change your color using color overlay.
Learn how to make a nondestructive selection from the layer transparency created by the Background Eraser Tool. It sounds complex, but it's easy and the results look great!
Learn how to speed up the process of extracting backgrounds from images in this classic tutorial.
Learn how to Remove the background behind lightning and flame images so you can add special Layer Effects, and avoid Blending Modes when necessary.
Learn the subtle qualities of the Deep, and Shallow, Knockout feature.
Discover the true wonders of 3D lenticular imaging with this Photoshop CS4 Video tutorial that will discus how to work with 3D models inside of Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended.
This video tutorial introduces you to the basics of working with 2D layered documents, and turning them into 3D art.
Discover two different techniques for processing multiple exposures of the night sky for still and animated images.
Learn a quick and dirty way to extract an image from its background. This technique doesn't work on all images, but it is definitely interesting.
I will show you how to adjust the contrast and saturation of an image using the Soft Light Layer mode.