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Important note: Try with different values of the border thickness parameter when you apply the stained glass filter, use a value of 5 or some thing like that and I think it would look better (im too lazy to change the tutorial because I would have to change the sample pics too)
Create a new layer in Photoshop and fill it with a light brownish, slightly orange color. Try different colours depending on the type of wood grain you want to create.
1. Create a new document with dimensions 512x512 pixels at 72 dpi
2. Set the foreground color to #A42E04 and the background color to #E45C05. Apply the clouds filter to the image.
1. Make a new document, anysize doesn't matter. Press Ctrl+D to reset your pallete colors. Set your background to black. <br/>2. Apply Filter > Artistic > Plastic Wrap with these settings
In this tutorial, you'll learn how to get some really deep colours applied to your images, and their far more effective than the Hue colouring that most people new to photoshop use.
Editor's Pick in Photoshop Tutorials, March 2007
This ideally written tutorial will show you clearly how to Design an Icy Vortex with Flashy Stars. The author gives you an easy-to-understand outline with 19 different steps. Each step has the graphics and screenshot to make it sim...
Create a new file, having 450x450px and 300dpi. Apply the next instrument and the codes that are indicated below.
Take the following instrument now and represent a circle of white color, like in the picture below.
1. Create New Document 200x200px with white background.
2. Set Foreground Color to #007A29, Background Color to #000000 and apply Filter>Render>Clouds:
1. Open a new document, and change both the foreground and background pallets to (#769C5A and #4B8021). <br/> 2. Click Filters > Clouds, hold ctrl and press f.. keep doing this step untill you get a good mix of green - like the sample below:
Open Adobe Photoshop and create a new image, I used the dimensions 300 x 300, but any size will do for this effect. Set your foreground color to #999999 and your background color to #FFFFFF. Once you have done this, goto Filter > Render > Clouds and keep doing it until you get an acceptable set of c...