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In this tutorial shows how to make a reflection of neon light under a car.
This tutorial shows how you can animate a layer style, the global light and also morh/warp text over time.
Learn how to make that cool shiny reflection effect.
In this tutorial learn how to create a picture of a gothic Angelina Jolie, this tutorial is made with few steps.
In this tutorial learn how to use a technique that will help you make a mixture of images, or simple mind mixing it imagen.
With the following tutorial for Adobe Photoshop CS3 will learn to create a shadow effect neon light in a car.
In this tutorial learn how to design a glamorous effect with an image of a professional model.
In this tutorial you'll learn some basic concepts of design for application in Adobe Photoshop.
This is a very basic tutorial, which will learn to design a paint abstract art. The design is to achieve if you follow carefully the tutorial is spectacular.
This is a very 'cartoonish' retouch using Adobe Photoshop CS4 that people always ask me how to do. In no way is this the type of retouching I would do in a regular photograph.