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1. Make a new image (File > New or Ctrl+N) with 450px in width and 400px in height:
2. Create a new layer (Layer > New > Layer or Shift+Ctrl+N) and then set your foreground color as black and background color as white.
1. Create a new image (File > New or Ctrl+N):
2. Create a new layer (Layer > New > Layer or Shift+Ctrl+N).
3. Press D on your keyboard to reset your colors.
4. Filter > Render > Clouds.
1. Create a new document with a black background.
2. Go to Filter> Render> Lens Flare and uses these settings:
3. Now apply a Filter> Distort> Polar Coordinates and select Rectangular to Polar.
1. Make a new document, anysize doesn't matter. Press Ctrl+D to reset your pallete colors. Make sure your background is black.
2. Apply Filter > Artistic > Plastic Wrap with these settings:
1. Make a 400x400 document. Now press "D" on your keyboard to reset the foreground and background colors to black and white. Make sure your background is black. <br/>2. Apply Filter > Render > Lens Flare. You can to place it right in the middle of your canvas.
Create a new layer. Go to the channels panel and create a new channel (it should be called alpha). You want to take a white brush and color the approximate area of the person of this alpha channel. Gaussian blur the channel to a fairly decent amount.
This tutorial is a simple Photoshop tutorial for adding stylish rectangles in a sig or other artwork To give a touch up to it. Iit's very simple and in my opinion it has a great effect sometimes! You should try it, I show you how! Good luck!
Editor's Pick in Photoshop Tutorials, March 2007
The tutorial you are about to read will show you how to create a Text Montage. The steps are well written and well illustrated for easy directions. The resulting product is impressive.
1. New Document (500x500) Transparent BackGround. <br/>2. Filter > Render > Clouds <br/>3. Filter > Pixelate > Pointilize (Cell Size: 5)
1. Get your eye picture.
2. Now using the Elliptical Marquee Tool, make a selection around the pupil.
3. Now right-click the selection and choose, "Layer Via Copy"