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This advanced sharpening tutorial will let you creating overall feeling of sharpness, without emphasizing the texture of the skin.
This photoshop tutorial will show you how you can easily add transparent watermark and copyright info to a whole folder of photos.
Note: If you just want to apply watermark to a photo, you can skip step 1, 8 and 9
How do we make an aging (old photo) effect to our photographs with Photoshop ?
In this tutorial we will show you how you can control highlights and shadows in your photograph using Adobe Photoshop's shadow/highlight tool which is a really good tool for showing detail that's been hidden by too much darkness or brightness.
Most digital photographers are using level adjustments and/or curve adjustments to adjust and improve their images, but how are curves different from levels, and when should you use them ? This tutorial will help you understand a bit more about curve adjustments in photoshop.
1. Here's a macro flash photo of a Columbine. You can see chromatic aberrations around the edges of the petals, a thin red line along the left edges of the flower, a thin blue line to the right.
In this tutorial I will show you how to do a selection to hair using background eraser tool in Photoshop..
We're going to make a picture like this:
into this: with some simple steps in photoshop..
Using the photo example below, we will learn how to create the DOF to eliminate the background and make the butterfly and the flower stand out.
A scratch disk is an area of the hard drive that's used as storage to help Photoshop handle large images. Scratch disks help to ensure efficient results when editing high-resolution pictures.