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Ever wanted blue eyes? We'll now it's very possible, just read this tutorial.
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Learn how to create your own smiley set! The tutorial shows you all the steps required.
Before getting started, I'll assume you already know how to connect & select the database of your choose.
Retrieving data from a database is a common task for web database applications, the most common use is to display the data in a web page.
Editor's Pick in Photoshop Tutorials, June 2006
Designing a realistic magnifying glass might be something that you would find useful. This great tutorial will show you everything you need to know.
Editor's Pick in Photoshop Tutorials, June 2006
Don't you just hate it when you have taken that perfect picture and then you discover that there is an annoying power line in the shot? Well now you can do something about it. Click here to find out more.
Editor's Pick in Photoshop Tutorials, June 2006
In advertising, the key to success is getting the customer to notice your product. This tutorial will show you all the tricks on how to emphasize objects in photos in order to make them really stand out.
In this tutorial we will learn how to make a gradient text with a reflection.
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