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This tutorial will teach you various techniques that photoshop has to offer, from using keyboard shortcuts to filters. By the end you will have created a cool lighting effect that appears from a dark abyss.
Editor's Pick of May, 2009
Behold a nice idea for your attention-grabbing splash page design. A great tutorial on how to give your site a bit grimy look.
Editor's Pick of November, 2008
Make your web sites design season-sensitive by adding a few snowflakes. Learn how to create them unique and realistic to freeze a few monitors.
Editor's Pick in Illustrator Tutorials
Learn about possibilities of texturing a logo in Illustrator to add some "been there, done that" attitude to your web design project.
In this example, I will be creating a photoshop action on a wedding photo (of me and my beautiful wife). We will perform some common tasks, that you would have to do to a bunch of times, for a nice consistent look in a photo album or scrap book.
I'm into the spirit of the 4th of July here in the States, and wanted to share with you how I created an awesome collage. This tutorial will focus on layers, layer styles, masks and photo manipulation.