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Create a realistic motion blur that resembles one created using a camera rather than a photo editing software. This tutorial requires Adobe Photoshop CS2.
Editor's Pick in Photo Editing, July 2005
Using layered masks with subtle blends, you can combine a series of snapshots into one finished photo for a dramatic effect.
Combine a sequence of images into one image.
Futuristic horizontal bars created from the highlights of an image.
Editor's Pick in Photo Editing, July 2005
Did you know that you can use the Plastic Wrap filter setting to add realistic reflections to the surface of any pool snapshot?
Create a stained and high contrast photo effect.
<span>Editor's Pick in Photoshop Tutorials, January 2006</span><br/>Want to make your nature photos even more appealing? Learn to use this simple but awesome lighting effect to use with your sky pictures.
Intensify focus with this targeting effect.
Turn any photograph into 3D images you can view with anaglyph glasses.
Editor's Pick in Photo Editing, July 2005
You've heard of purple prose. Well, here's a way to sweeten the photographs you take to make them suitable accompaniment for the stories you write.