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Start by creating a new layer. Fill the layer with blue color.
From filter menu select render>>lens flare. Apply settings as shown.
I thought I would compose a small list of what I think are the best free Photoshop brush resources around today. Check 'em out:
First off, let me explain how this is going to work. I am downloading a font called Dingmaps. Click the link to download the font. Then after that I will place the font at a large size and fill it with a pattern.
1. Firstly open up Photoshop and create a new canvas. Make sure your canvas is the correct width and height you want your navigation bar to be. I made my canvas 800x200px.
Now let's get to work. Open up Photoshop. <br/>Make a new document or canvas by clicking on File > New. The settings depend on how big you want your text to look. I used these settings:
Start by typing your text. <br/>Right click the layer and select rasterize. <br/>Create a rectangular selection using rectangular marquee tool.
Start by applying render>>lighting effect from filter menu. <br/>Apply settings as shown. <br/>Form filter menu select stylize>>polarize.
As you can see above, this tutorial will help you create trendy text, yet in a professional manner. You can open any size document for this text. I chose the 300 x 100 size above. Next, we will make our background upon where our text will be placed.
1. Start a new document 400 x 400. This gives us lots of space, and allows us to crop it later on. Make sure this is filled with white. <br/>2. Grab the text tool and type your word, (I've used 'texteffect' as an example). Apply the following fonts and settings:
In this tutorial we are going to show you how to create your own grunge brushes in Photoshop.