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A friend of me, Rahul, came up with this idea. He thought it would be cool to turn a "white" girl into a "black" girl ;) It's a very funny and creative effect and you can also try to use it the other way around!
Transform those dull drawings into real masterpieces!
Editor's Pick in Photoshop Tutorials, March 2006
An iPod seems to be designed for drawing in Photoshop. Its simple elegant lines are easily recreated with a few Photoshop tools.
If you don't know this artist, you really missed something out!
Learn how to create the moss that was used in v5 of!
Censor your faces like they do in the news sometimes...
I would find it tres horrible on my car, but some people like it a lot
Create a turquoise(green-blue) duotone!
Create the blur that you sometimes see in your dreams or nightmares...
Everyone needs to know how to blend images into each other!