Six Tips for Effective Ecommerce Merchandising

Digital merchandising is the process of displaying your products on your website in a way that's most appealing to visitors. Just as you'd notice how products are arranged in a brick and mortar store, the same display techniques can be applied to digital curation, too.

With the right ecommerce merchandising strategy, you can guide your potential buyers towards specific products and boost your customer loyalty. But with so many tools, optimizing your techniques and strategies for ecommerce is often easier said than done.

Create a Homepage Offer

Take a look at any of your favorite online retailers, and you’ll find one thing in common: they almost always feature a primary product on their homepage. For instance, you might use a large hero image to promote your most popular or newest product. For some ideas, take a look at how other businesses are using hero images and homepage features to product high-ticket items.

Take High-Res Photos

Your photos are a representation of your physical product. Unlike brick and mortar stores, customers cannot touch and feel the product before they buy, which is why photos play such an important role in ecommerce merchandising. High quality photos can mean the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity.

You can hire someone with a professional camera to take your photos, or take them on your own. Ideally, you have a professional camera or the budget to invest in one. There are also rental companies for those that only plan to shoot products for a day. A white screen background (can be made of foam), good lighting, and editing are all important. You can always outsource photo editing to freelancers on sites like UpWork. Be sure to hone in on product features like stitching and photograph the product from several angles.

Pay Attention to Product Discovery

Product discovery should be a core component of your ecommerce site. Your trending products, featured items, and banners should be updated and optimized regularly. With this in mind, you should use your search function to your advantage, as it has powerful capabilities. Because of this, visual merchandising should be a key feature in your search tool. Smart search tools go above and beyond to provide a more tailored search. For example, if a customer were to search for “sneakers” they will see a list of sneakers that are already auto-sized to the size they searched for previously.

Create Product Groupings

The right product groupings comes down to ecommerce science. First and foremost, you’ll want to group related products together (i.e, a bathing suit top with its bottom)—even when they need to be purchased separately. Consider a shopper’s in-store experience; you wouldn’t want to have to search for matching items in a store, and nor should you have to on a website.

But product grouping isn’t just about pairing ensembles. You also want to group products together based on style. For example, you’d want floral blouses to appear grouped together; if one item doesn’t fit a particular customer, a similar item might. These groupings are also aesthetically appealing and cohesive. If it makes sense for your business, you may even want to group by brand, especially if you’re a boutique or wholesaler.

Make Data-Backed Decisions

In order to create a winning ecommerce strategy, you should let your data guide you. Ideally, you’ll be able to base your strategy off of demographics that matter. For example, as an Halloween shop, you might find that the overwhelming majority of your customers are women.

In this case, you’d prioritize your shop to reflect this, highlighting female products on the home page and within your search parameters. For instance, even if a customer were to search for a character like “Superman,” you’d have female Superman costumes appear first in the results when no gender is specified.

Leverage Product Videos

In the digital sphere, nothing is more visual than video. Because of this, you may opt to use product videos, an underused selling tool in ecommerce. Videos are an effective way to encourage conversions. For example, when Zappos started using product videos on their website, their sales increased from 6% to 30%.

Other studies have found that customers are nearly 150% to add a product to their cart if they watched a product demo. Furthermore, pages that include video are valuable in terms of search engine optimization, and your pages could rank higher by incorporating them into your website.

Branding, attractive images, new ways to showcase products; all of this is part of e?ommerce merchandising. The seller's ultimate goal is to force the buyer to "add to the cart." Thanks to well-designed merchandising strategies in e?ommerce, customers are gently persuaded to make a purchase.

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